Veera Prateepchaikul (Thailand)

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Date: 1995 - 2005 [[:Category:|]] [[:Category:|]]

Region: Asia [[:Category:|]] [[:Category:|{location3}]]

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion [[:Category:|]] [[:Category:|]]

Medium: Print Journalism [[:Category:|]] [[:Category:|]]

Artist: Veera Prateepchaikul

Confronting Bodies: The Bangkok Post administration and government officials

Dates of Action: February 2004

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Description of Artwork: Veera Prateepchaikul wrote a bold headline in The Bangkok Post referring to a statement from Thai king, Bhumibol Adulyadej's, speech that warned of Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra's, arrogance.

The Incident: Shortly after printing the controversial headline Veera was moved from his position as editor to another job in the corporation that manages the paper.

Results of Incident: Many journalists have spoken out against the move. Although the paper claimed that the move was merely "a structural matter of organization," many journalists believe it is a government action to control the critical press. Journalists and editors have testified that they have recieved phone calls from critical government officials.

Source: The New York Times [[Category:]] [[Category:]] [[Category:]] [[Category:]] [[Category:]] [[Category:]] [[Category:]] [[Category:]]