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Year: 2017

Date of Action: January 2017

Region: Middle East

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Public Art, Sculpture

Confronting Bodies: Turkish Citizens

Description of Artwork: The sculpture is comprised of metal lettering spelling out the word, "Kostantiniyye," which was the Ottoman name for the city. The statue was ordered in by art collector, Ahmet Gunestekin and was unveiled in front of his shopping mall shortly after his 50th birthday.

The Incident: Within hours of the statue's unveiling, it was attacked by an angry mob who had flooded the shopping center with their angry sentiments. The police covered the sculpture in a black tarp in an effort to settle the anger and hatred for the piece.

Results of Incident: Because of threats of arson and pressure fromm municipal authorities, Gunestekin agreed to dismantle the sculpture. The piece was subsequently removed and taken apart and placed in storage.


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