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{{DISPLAYTITLE:<span style="font-style: italic;">El Pueblo</span>}}
{{DISPLAYTITLE:<span style="font-style: italic;">El Pueblo</span> (Nicaragua)}}

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Date: 1976 - 1984

Region: Central America and the Caribbean

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Print Journalism

Artist: Melvin Wallace, Editor; Carlos Domingo Cuadra, Sr. Writer

Confronting Bodies: members of the Sandinista Popular Army

Dates of Action: January 25, 1980

Location: Nicaragua

Description of Artwork: "El Pueblo" was a Maoist newspaper in Nicaragua, known to urge its readers to sabotage the state economy.

The Incident: The newspaper was described as counter-revolutionary by the Nicaraguan authorities and closed- down by members of the Sandinista Popular Army. They seized the machinery, materials, and office equipment and arrested two journalists and their assistant.

Results of Incident: The newspaper never reopened. As of June 1981 all those arrested had been released.

Source: Organization of American States, Inter-American Commission of Human Rights