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7/26/2011 [[:Category:1951-1975]], pages: [[Homage to Latin America]], [[L'Humanite and Liberation]], [[Midsummer Dance]]
7/26/2011 [[:Category:1951-1975]], pages: [[Homage to Latin America]], [[L'Humanite and Liberation]], [[Midsummer Dance]], [[Verite-Liberte]]

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Use This Page To List Which Categories and Pages You Are Editing

Pick a category and begin editing pages in alphabetical order. List the pages you have edited on a given day.


John Doe

01/01/2011 Category:Ducks, pages: Mallards through Wood Ducks

01/02/2011 Category:Cats, pages: Lions through Tigers

Also include any skipped pages or pages for which you have questions.




07/22/2011 Category:1975-1984, pages: The Void in a Man's Mind , The Joy of Sex Category unknown United Automobile Workers Protest

07/25/2011 Category:1975-1984, pages Andrew Graham-Yooll through Vsevolod Meyerhold

07/26/2011 Category:1975-1984, pages Soviet Spring through Franco,


  • Questions/Skipped

Headman, Nineteen Eightyfour

    • Authors/Artists/To Revisit

Judy Blume, Jules Michelet, Eduardo Galeano, Andrew Graham-Yooll, Nadine Gordimer, Vsevolod Meyerhold



7/26/2011 Category:1951-1975, pages: Homage to Latin America, L'Humanite and Liberation, Midsummer Dance, Verite-Liberte


07/22/2011 Category:1926-1950, pages: Strange Interlude, Ulysses

07/25/2011 Category:1926-1950, pages: Klondike Annie, The Sex Side of Life, The Bible, Diego Rivera Mural, The Thousand and One Nights, The Blind Owl, Love on the Dole, The Well of Loneliness, Dead End, The Great Dictator (film), Sexus, Lawrence of Arabia (film)



07/22/2011 Category:1900-1925


07/22/2011 Category:1985-1995 pages: Kissing Doesn't Kill:Greed and Indifference Do

07/26/2011 Category:1985-1995 pages Aim High and Do Your Best,Anaphase (Dance Piece), Damned In the USA, Freedom Series,The Joy of Gay Sex, Kanal K,L'Observateur,La Nation,Lady Chatterly's Lover (Chinese Translation), [[]],[[]],[[]],[[]], [[]],[[]],[[]],[[]], [[]],[[]],