13 Most Wanted Men

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13 Most Wanted Men Mural.jpg

Artist: Andy Warhol

Year: 1964

Date of Action: April 18, 1964

Region: North America

Location: New York State Pavilion, Queens

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Installation, Public Art

Confronting Bodies: Governor Nelson Rockefeller

Description of Artwork: A 20-by-20-foot mural depicting the mugshots of the 13 most wanted criminals of 1962. The mural was inspired by a New York Police Department booklet.

The Incident: "Andy Warhol’s most celebrated period, during the mid-1960s, included his only public work: a vast 20 by 20-foot mural entitled 13 Most Wanted Men, put on display at the World’s Fair in Queens in 1964. The painting was only visible for 48 hours before it was destroyed, a casualty of political censorship." Observer, Maika Pollack • 04/30/14

Results of Incident: It was covered with silver paint by order of Governor Nelson Rockefeller, and, most likely, later discarded. When the Fair opened to the public, all that was visible was a large silver square. Although the original version of the mural was destroyed when it was painted over, Warhol—who was given around $4,000 or, in his words, “enough to have it silk screened”—created canvases of the mugshots a few months later.

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"This was a tumultuous period in the gay rights movement as the NYPD was cracking down on homosexual activity in the city." Observer, Maika Pollack • 04/30/14