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Aida Foroutan was born in Tehran in 1976. As a child she lived through the Iranian Revolution, and witnessed the effects of the aftermath of the Revolution and the horrors of the 8-year Iran-Iraq War. She was trained as a painter and graduated from the Al-Zahra University of Tehran with a BSc in Industrial Design. She emigrated from Iran in 2000 and moved to Sweden where she worked in theatre as a choreographer and performer and exhibited her paintings in Sweden and Germany. In 2003 a book of her poetry, Forbidden Peace, was published in Stockholm. She also worked as Assistant Curator in Västmanland State Museum. She moved to the United Kingdom in 2007 to study for a Masters degree in Theatre Studies at the University of Manchester, after which she studied for a PhD in Art History there. Her doctoral thesis, which she completed in 2012, was on the reception of Surrealism in Iranian art and literature. She combines her life as a painter with her current position as Lecturer in Persian Literature at the University of Manchester.