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Ben Hopper is an Israel-born London-based fine art photographer. Hopper’s personal work investigates the human figure. It raises awareness and challenges sexuality, social taboos, nudity censorship, identity and gender. Celebrated online, it has reached a wide audience through media outlets including The Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, BuzzFeed, ELLE and GQ. His controversial project Natural Beauty sparked discussions on social media after going viral several times since 2014. It engaged tens of millions and empowered a global cultural trend of women letting their armpit hair grow. Hopper’s Naked Unicorn image from his project Naked with Masks has become an Internet meme after its release in 2010. His new projects focus on the nature of our core emotions, mental health and wellbeing, politics and the human condition.

Commercially, Hopper has been working in the performing arts sector with some of the world’s most iconic contemporary circus and dance companies. Closely collaborating with local and international artists, companies and venues, Hopper has been producing promotional imagery and material for creative projects for over a decade. His clients and partners include Cirque du Soleil, Canon, The Roundhouse, Secret Cinema, Rambert and DV8 Physical Theatre.

Since 2010, Hopper has produced and participated in over 30 exhibitions, ran 3 successful crowd-funding Kickstarter campaigns and won 2 grants from the Arts Council of England. Hopper's exhibitions were attended by tens of thousands and his combined social media following stands at nearly 250k.