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Artist: Lillian Hellman

Year: 1930’s

Date of Action:

Region: North America

Location: New York

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Performance Art

Confronting Bodies:

Description of Artwork: "When the play debuted in 1934, New York state still banned any mention of homosexuality onstage, a law ignored by Hellman’s gutsy producers. But the content was deemed too controversial for a Pulitzer Prize. (In response, reviewers formed the New York Drama Critics Circle to bestow future awards, unhindered.) A Broadway hit, the play was banned in Chicago for 20 years, and in Boston for nearly 30. The first movie version, the 1936 release “These Three,” was reworked into a heterosexual love triangle to comply with Hollywood’s prudish Motion Picture Production Code"

The Incident: Banned in Boston and Chicago

Results of Incident: {{{description_of_result}}}


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