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  1. Washington newsstand owners imprisoned on obscenity charges (edit) → Answer Me!
  2. Art Until Now (edit) → Art Until Now (exhibition)
  3. Jef Bourgeau, Art Until Now (edit) → Art Until Now (exhibition)
  4. Painter targeted over religious-bias (edit) → Bharatmata (second entry)
  5. Community College in Florida cancels censorship exhibit after requesting that a portion of a mural featuring erect penises be removed from the show (edit) → Contained/Controlled
  6. Detroit museum director shuts down highly anticipated modern art exhibit due to potentially offensive artwork (edit) → Detroit Institute of Arts
  7. El salto... (edit) → El salto... (The jump)
  8. El turista cortés (edit) → El turista cortés (The polite tourist)
  9. Two Men Found Guilty in Russia Over Art That the State Deemed to Incite Hatred (edit) → Forbidden Art
  10. Holt Health, Garrettsville, OH (edit) → Holt Health (textbook)
  11. Hulbert Waldroup, Diallo Mural (edit) → Hulbert Waldroup
  12. Cambridge City Councilor Steals Penis from Exhibit (edit) → Identidem
  13. Indonesian Student Protestors (2002) (edit) → Indonesian Student Protestors (1997)
  14. Blue Noses: Kissing Policemen (edit) → Kissing Policemen (photography)
  15. Lady Chatterly's Lover, D.H. Lawrence (edit) → Lady Chatterly's Lover
  16. Lars Vilks, cartoonist (edit) → Lars Vilks, artist
  17. Les pirates du réseau (Pirates of the Network) (edit) → Les pirates du réseau (Pirates and Networks)
  18. “Mother (edit) → Mother & Daughter II
  19. No es seri este cementerio Los Gru (edit) → No es seri este cementerio (This cemetery is not serious)
  20. No me dejaron escupir a la profesora de lengua en el colegio (edit) → No me dejaron escupir a la profesora de lengua en el colegio (No spitting at the Language Instructor)
  21. Red Raids, Communist Fears (edit) → Palmer Raids
  22. Public (edit) → Public And Private (exhibition)
  23. SCAD Art History (edit) → Savannah College of Art and Design
  24. "Sisiphos" Student Newspaper (edit) → Sisiphos (Student Newspaper)
  25. The Bottle old (edit) → The Bottle (book)
  26. The Dixie Chicks get Criticized for "Un-American" Remark (edit) → The Dixie Chicks
  27. Rainer Werner Fassbinder's play "The Garbage, the City, and Death" censored in Germany (edit) → The Garbage, the City, and Death (play)
  28. Internet Service Provider Censorship (edit) → Usenet

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