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This page presents a step-by-step checklist for editing imports from the FixFR project.

This checklist assumes you have requested a Censorpedia account, and are logged in.

  1. Choose an article from the range you selected from the page listing articles that need editing
    1. The list is alphabetically sorted. Make sure you note your range on the Discussion page to avoid doubling up on pages
  2. Read through the article to gain an understanding of the censored material and the context
  3. Note the existing title of the page and, using Censorpedia naming conventions, use MediaWiki's renaming function to give a succinct and descriptive name
  4. Click the Edit tab to view the page's source code
  5. Strip out the empty Category tags
  6. Adjust the Dates in the article
  7. Check the article for obvious typos and correct. If you notice references to other material or people that have been censored, use the Censorpedia search box to see if we have pages for them. If so, provide links
  8. If the page subject has any visual reference (book cover, photo of painting, picture of person, etc.), search Google Images and upload an image for the article
  9. If the article source listed at the bottom refers to a news article or publication, Google the title and provide a link if you find a suitable result
  10. Adjust and add article categories. Edit the category tags at the bottom of the page and category links within the article itself. Make sure to include the proper category tags for Dates
  11. When finished editing, update the Discussion page of the remaining articles list. Post any questions to the Michael's talk page