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Project Overview

The current phase of the Censorpedia project is to collect, clean, and enhance content from previous NCAC-related projects -- beginning with The File Room. This wiki now holds just over 900 articles from The File Room, but they need the following work:

  • Removing tag artifacts from import: There are extraneous [[:Category:|]] tags in the imported articles that must be deleted.
  • Fix Titles: Articles at The File Room were named by many different people, and so did not adhere to a specific naming convention. Click here for how we will rename articles.
  • Add Images About a third of File Room articles included images (mainly, we assume, in the visual arts categories such as Category:Painting). We need to identify those articles in The File Room, download the image, and then upload the image to this wiki for inclusion in the article. We can also add images to articles where appropriate.

Project Orientation